Events Styles is a ceremony decorating company which opened to the public in 2011.We offer the following services. Decorations for: Graduation ceremonies, Weddings, Introductions, Baby showers, Bridal showers, Corporate functions
Birthday parties,and any other functions you may wish to decorate.
We provide professional Ushers for all functions. 

Your Dream Event Decoration is Here

we decorate all sorts of functions for example weddings, cultural functions like introductions, give aways, other functions like corporate parties, shows and exhibitions, seminars and conferences, birthdays, baptisms, bridal and baby shows etc.

we do cakes for all functions in all shapes, sizes and different flavours depending on your choice.

event styles uganda cakes kwanjula traditional

We have a variety of function stationery like invitation cards, order booklets ( Mass and service), thank u cards, pledge cards or save the dates, gift boxes and bags


We get you the best fruits of all kind for your event. We also prepare all dishes according to your choice, we have different menues for you to make your choice.

gift wrapping

We do wrap gifts for any occasion in the style you want,we do both flower and fruit baskets arrangements

We have all sorts of tents like Mongolians, pangolars, Marquees, multiplexes.

We have different types of chairs like the plastic, executives, shiveries and the phoenix chairs

We have both round and square or buffet tables 

We also have both executive and ordinary mobile toilets

We also have different platforms in both boards and metallic styles

shelters tents event styles uganda

Other services

  • P. A system
  • Ushering
  • Catering Services
  • Photography and Videography
Room 162 Equatorial Mall,
Bombo Road,
Kampala - Uganda